This is a blog about the hugely transformative impact that virtual and augmented reality technologies are going to have on society, the economy and humanity’s ecological footprint over the next three decades.  After compiling extensive notes on this fascinating topic, I’ve decided to take the advice of some wise friends and blog about it.

Although still in their relative infancy today, I am convinced that these uniquely disruptive technologies will be key to resolving many modern concerns about technological unemployment and ecological sustainability as their promise unfolds.

To corroborate this unusual view I plan to cover a lot of ground in my posts, exploring topics including the social, economic, philosophical and policy implications of these technologies.

I am grateful to the numerous authors, academics and artists (past and present) whose works have helped inspire me to write about this subject.  The works of Ray Kurzweil, Marshall McLuhan, Jeremy Rifkin, Gene Roddenberry and Martin Ford deserve special praise in this regard.

So without further ado, welcome to the blog and let’s begin!

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